Crown name badge

Our original design, the Crown name badge provides depth with an epoxy doming lens

Crown name badge is the apex of a uniform

The clear polyurethane doming lens protects the printed surface, creates a magnifying effect increasing the readability of a name badge

Crown name needle crowns workwear

Stylishly finished with a detailed border, the Crown name pin is an elegant name tag for a strong grip on professionals.

The stylish and finished Crown needle is always printed in full color. To protect the printing, a liquid polyurethane lens (epoxy lens) is cast which forms a clear, hard "bubble" on the surface of the name pin. The polyurethane lens gives the needles a three-dimensional impression that emphasizes both print and logo.

Affordable elegance with fast delivery

The precious looking Crown is the most affordable end in our range of name pins and you can get it in less than a week's delivery, pre-branded with the fasteners you want.

Mounting Options

In addition to the traditional needle attachment, there is a handy two-piece nameplate magnet with a counter piece placed inside the shirt, for example.

With a name tag magnet, you don't need to puncture your clothes with needles.

At an affordable additional price, you get the name pins in a gorgeous tin retouch box that comes with a cleaning cloth. Your nameplate will best be stored in the nameplate storage box when the nameplate is not in use.

Language tickets are already in print at no extra cost

The Crown can also be printed with so-called language flags, which indicate the language skills of your staff to customers. Language tickets are printed at the same time as names and logos, so they are not charged separately. You can also get the language tickets completely free of charge, printed on the name tag, just from us.

To place an order on Crown Name Pins, please send us your printed matter in PDF format and we will make an electronic print of the nameplate. Once you have accepted the proof, you should also supply the list of names in Excel format, with one line containing the name of one person and any other information such as title, spoken languages ​​and so on.

Crown Namebadges - Price list

Namebadge model Printing 1-4 pcs 5-9 pcs 10 pcs 25 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs 200 pcs
Rectangle 2.75" x 1.38"
70 x 35mm
Printed doming
Full-color printing
CMYK + white
153,00 kr 127,50 kr 91,80 kr 71,40 kr 61,20 kr 51,00 kr 45,90 kr
Rectangle 2.75" x 1"
70 x 25mm
Oval 2.55"x 1.34"
65 x 34 mm
Bending top 2.9" x 1.5"
ø 50 mm
Round Ø2"
ø 50 mm

Price includes pin or two-part name badge magnet attachment. The print is always in full color. Prices excluding VAT.

Optional products and services
Standard or mini two part magnet 0,00 kr
Pin attachment 0,00 kr
Printed language flags directly on badge 0,00 kr
Flag stickers for badges (10 per sheet) 50,49 kr
Microfiber cleaning cloth for badges
Specifically for mirror finish badges badges
2,55 kr
Vintage tin box storage case for badges
Includes free microfiber cleaning cloth
10,20 kr
Dymo Labelmanager 160P 601,80 kr
Dymo Labelmanager 120P 397,80 kr
Express production in 3 working days +30%
Express production in 2 working days +50%

*Standard production time approximately 5 business days from digital proofing.

Printing set-up charges
CMYK Full-color printing charge 204,00 kr
Screen printing in Pantone® color 816,00 kr
Mold charge for custom shape
Minimum order for custom shape is 1000 pcs
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Re-orders at -50% from normal list prices

Artwork instructions
Not yet available for this product

Name badge accessories

Below is a list of the most common accessories available for this product

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